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Snorkeling coral in Danang
From the port of the Coordinating Center for the maritime search and rescue region II only takes about 5 minutes to go canoe to Hon Sup.

South Korean visitors to experience scuba snorkeling in the South Beach area, Son Tra peninsula - Photo: TD

This is a 1 in 5 positions focused living coral reefs, diverse in species located around the Son Tra Peninsula (P.Tho Quang, Son Tra district, Da Nang city).

According to experts Oceanographic Institute of Nha Trang, the corals in the area of ​​Son Tra Peninsula is not inferior coral in Nha Trang or Cham both diversity and survival index. This area focuses more than 100 ha reef types, more than 26 hectares of the 10 hectares of sea grass beds and seagrass beds. These ecosystems are distributed mainly in the area of ​​Hon Sup, Bai But, Bai Nom, Huc Lo, Vung Stone southern area of ​​Son Tra Peninsula. Coral at a depth of 7-10 m suitable for deep diving services (scuba diving) than shallow dive with snorkel (scuba snorkeling).

Scuba diving snorkeling tour at Hon Sup area has been mined many years ago, however, this service requires participants must have basic diving techniques. Want to experience shallow dive with snorkel (scuba snorkeling), the Hon Sup from the South Beach area, and only takes about 5 minutes. Shallow diving more popular and easier for visitors, irrespective of condition, age, just fitted lifejacket, snorkel, swim guided into areas with coral reefs, and diving experience .

To diversify services, increase the experience for visitors, especially not directly affect coral reefs, from October 8.2015, at Da Nang was put to use glass-bottom baskets (using composite materials, Bottom toughened glass processing) serves guests coral and vegetation, marine life ...

Show Management Board of Son Tra Peninsula and the beaches of Da Nang tourism in collaboration with the relevant units deployed operations protect the coral. Specifically, will the floating of the area protected to restrict sailing in protected areas. Collaborate security check, sanitation, tourist destinations, combined patrolling coral. Use the 'craft, honking remind travelers on coral areas to avoid stepping on coral hotel, and prohibits littering affect the ecosystem of flora and fauna here.

Nguyen Duc Vu, Deputy Director of the Management Board of Son Tra peninsula and beach tourism Danang said: "The time management unit 5 now is the Furama, Song Society, Bai Rang Green, DNOC VINA, Hoang Long Yen and 7 exploiters of the tour was snorkeling, fishing and fishermen, sea sports with 20 licensed vehicles. These businesses also coordinating with Guard fisheries resources P.Tho Quang founded the group protect coral communities, deploying more active and practical contribution to the protection and development of natural resources This priceless sea ".
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