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Da Nang Ricepaper roll

Roll cake pork dishes are people Danang increasingly favored by the great mix between taste, color, flavor

This dish does not require processing a fussy, boring at first glance you quickly assess the simplicity of it. Because it focuses on how to choose foods so fresh, guaranteed to be flavor of the ingredients.

Just heard the name of the dish, you can guess the secret's out right book coated pork pie plate located in the flesh. To choose the most delicious meat, they just choose pigs weighing between 50-70kg, and take the butt or shoulder of the pig, then steaming them slightly to keep the sweetness of the meat darker.

Next, raw vegetables is required for this dish, rice paper book without eating pork with vegetables that would be tasteless. The vegetables here are common vegetables, are easy to find. But to ensure a fresh green, not droopy requires the cook to be very skillful in stitch selection. With each meat rolls he, surely guests will never forget the sweet taste of pork combined with the freshness of the salad, spicy taste of basil, cinnamon and sour tart acidity of banana fruit and contracts.

And finally, sauces seasoning sauce is not a substitute for this item, if you use the book roll of pork with a sauce else will lose the flavor of the fish of the sea, pungent garlic peppers. That's what everyone should do when the broth tasted pork roll book.

Handles the cake, gently folded piece of pork on top of the vegetables are rolled, seasoning sauce, dip it into the cup, then the bite on the cake, the dai dai margin of cake, piece of soft wheat Excellent wet sweet little more meat, the freshness of the vegetables and spicy sauce that will help you realize that no matter what the age, food is still the unique culture of the region. If you enjoyed this dish over the spelling of words I'm sure you will not feel the taste of it all. So please bookmark this dish to travel to the manual for the journey of yourselves!

Source: monandanang

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